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Best of Interop Winner--Ciphertex--may be one of the first SMB storage companies that take data security just as seriously as the other key storage variables of price, performance and data protection. We must say, it's always refreshing when companies look at the big picture when developing their product strategy.

Black Diamond

"[Ciphertex's CX-10K-Nas,] showcased at the NAB show has earned a Black Diamond Award from the editorial team at Digital Video magazine and dv.com. These awards are presented to developers and manufacturers who have helped advance the technology of production and post.
Black Diamond Award nominations are made by an impartial jury of industry professionals."

-Cristina Clapp, Editorial Director, Digital Video magazine and dv.com

Emerging Vendors 2013: Storage Superstars: Ciphertex
By CRN Staff, CRN : August 13, 2013

"Each year in our Emerging Vendors list, CRN looks at the tech [companies] making their presence known in the industry. Each company on the list also has an all-important quality: It has demonstrated that it understands the value of the channel. Here we look at the emerging players in the storage industry, those that are blazing a trail through innovative online backup services, NAS and SAN appliances, unique cloud storage platforms and much more."

-CRN Staff, CRN

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Portable data security
– Portability with industry leading encryption is the top reason customers purchase Ciphertex data storage over “cheap” hard drives that aren’t as reliable, fast, or secure.

Hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption
provides fast encryption and decryption enforced by a hardware key that cannot be duplicated, replaced, or broken ensuring data is never at risk even if the storage is lost or stolen.

Speed of acquiring and accessing data
– the faster the download/upload times – the faster one can move onto the next project.

Large data storage capacity
and the ability to create multiple LUNs in the array and duplicate the existing (non-portable) environment allow easy, accurate data capture.

Network ready
with multiple network interfaces (USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Firewire 800/400, eSATA, GbE, 10GbE) to easily collect data and upload it into a data center.

Multiple operating system
support means that the data that needs to be collected can be accessed in the format it has been stored in by the application and the operating system.

AES 256-Bit Encryption

With Ciphertex portable, AES 256-bit hardware-encrypted disk drives, RAID arrays, and NAS control access to the disk drive content from pick up to delivery through the security of a physical key. In recent years there have been numerous reports of confidential data such as customers' personal records being exposed through loss or theft of laptops or backup drives. Encrypting such files helps protect them should physical security measures fail. Even a single failure to encrypt sensitive data can result in a security breach with criminal or civil liabilities and irreparable harm to finances and the reputation of the organization.

Disk encryption can also be useful if you replicate data to a shared disaster recovery facility that is less secure than your primary site by not transferring the keys to the remote site until you actually need to use the data there.

The AES 256-bit specification is the highest level of encryption available today and is recognized by the US government, and governments around the globe, as the preferred standard for protecting their most highly classified documents. The most important reason data isn’t protected is that companies fail to use encryption. AES 256-bit encryption cannot be broken by brute force for another 250 years before computers are predicted to be fast enough to even attempt a massively distributed attack. To give you an idea how big 256 bits is, it’s roughly equal to the number of atoms in the universe!

In today's advanced, interconnected world, protecting the infrastructure that allows organizations to function is crucial. Security threats are inherently difficult to manage because there are so many different types—terrorism, cybercrime, lost and stolen data natural disasters, industrial accidents, etc. —and because they are constantly evolving. But their economic and societal impact can be enormous.

These increasingly crucial issues mean that the challenges of national sovereignty today extend beyond conventional "defence" requirements. Security has taken on a new significance, encompassing security for protection of critical infrastructure, sensitive sites, critical information systems and data assets.

Security requirements are thus shifting to address the full spectrum of risks and threats, integrating new dimensions such as intelligence and dynamic and scalable concepts.

Ciphertex is one of the premier data security companies in the world and is trusted to provide data protection solutions for the most sensitive data of organizations worldwide. Ciphertex data security solutions ensure sensitive information is secure with centralized key and policy management along with enterprise encryption management. From commercial entities to government agencies more organizations trust Ciphertex. We secure organizations against an array of data loss scenarios by providing solutions for network and endpoint security. We deliver comprehensive data protection solutions for the constant protection of high value information.

We are trusted around the world to provide secure data security solutions for major enterprises. Ciphertex protects the medical records of one of the largest healthcare solution providers in the US. Ciphertex protects the most classified information. Our data security products are used by large government agencies, and large corporate organizations.