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Ciphertex Healthcare Data Security At HIMSS 2017

Ciphertex’s Healthcare Data Security Solutions At HIMSS 2017 Ciphertex attended the 2017 HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida on February 19-23. The exhibition brought together over 40,000 health IT professionals. Ciphertex featured its CX-2500ES3, CX-3500E3, Ranger-E and Ranger-EX, all of which are HIPPA compliant and come with separate encryption keys. Ciphertex Data Security Read More …

Ransomware: Cybersecurity’s Next Biggest Threat

Ransomware: Cybersecurity’s Next Biggest Threat What is Ransomware? Malicious software that locks your data files and demands a ransom payment to access them. Ransomware is a term for the many variations of malware that infect computer systems, typically by social engineering schemes. A cryptovirology attack encrypts critical files and systems, then renders them inaccessible to Read More …