Archive & Backup


Data protection is the focus point for all Ciphertex solution products, so data archive and backup solutions include snapshotting, backups, and fault tolerant solutions to meet data retention requirements. 


Ciphertex Scale-Out Solutions

4 Petabytes of  highly available storage is accessible via major protocols including NFS/CIFS when administrators treat the Ciphertex Matrix SDS as a grid of appliance within a single namespace. When nodes are taken offline the grid architecture ensures that your data storage is fully available through replica and erasure coding. 

Ciphertex Scale Up Solutions

A single appliance within the Ciphertex Matrix SDS grid can be selected for backup storage for a cost effective and efficient archive and backup solution. This appliance, within a single node configuration, will have enterprise features like snapshotting, data compression, and remote replication. Combining appliance across data centers simplifies archive data management and allows for easy data backup in data centers in varying locations.

Fault Tolerance & High Availability
Multi-node scale out configurations allow continuous data availability in the event of disk failure through erasure coding and file replication.
High Performance Backups
Ciphertex Matrix SDS supports up to 64 simultaneously backup streams to speed up the backup process and minimizes backup window timing for a more efficient, time-saving backup.
Efficient Network and Disk Utilization
Data is compressed up to 300% and de-duplicated to reduce network traffic and storage capacity. Ciphertex Matrix SDS maximizes your network to enhance your workflow.
Snapshot Technology
Snapshots take “pictures” of your dataset at scheduled or manual points in time. Ciphertex Matrix SDS allows snapshots of any server, appliance, or desktop for easy backup and recovery management. Scheduling snapshots is an easy way to have around the clock data backup protection.