Big Data


In order to combat the challenges of handling big data, particularly data that grows at unpredictable rates storage solutions must be flexible, scalable, and cost-effective. With 64 petabytes of scalable storage, Ciphertex Matrix SDS appliance is capable of handling diverse file types and sizes in efficient and effective manner.

GlusterFS filesytem integrates management, NFS/CIFS services, and file monitoring solutions by combining various filesystems across servers into a “single namespace.” GlusterFS accommodates file, block, and scale out storage requirements, simultaneously. Our High Availability feature creates redundant data that is spread out over multiple clusters.
Integrated RAID Management
Ciphertex drive bays our hot swappable for easy . Software RAID adds another layer of security to our existing enterprise data protection features like snapshotting and CHAP authentication.
Flexible Storage Pool Architecture
Matrix SDS offers two file types for more flexibility to suit varying workloads, ZFS and XFS. The ZFS type (default) while more versatile works best for heavy input/output operations and general workloads. The XFS type is ideal when high repetitive I/O throughput is needed. Through the Ciphertex GUI, more appliances can be added to expand data protection and capacity.
Scale Out
Ciphertex’s scale-out NAS capability is an ideal solution for large data sets with unpredicatable growth rates. Scale-out technology maximizes the ROI on your storage capacity and can handle diverse applications and data types.