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Oil & Gas Companies “Drill” Into Cybersecurity Needs

“From cyber attacks to internal security breaches, cybersecurity is an issue in oil and gas that has deservedly come to the forefront,” said Rigzone.com. Mark Maddox, vice president and CIO for Apache Corp., said he doesn’t look at the issue as a cybersecurity challenge, rather an information security challenge. “What we’re really protecting is our data. It’s not just the hacker and the attacks, it’s the internal side. It’s the people side. It’s the accidental issues,” Maddox said. Workers have to be able to secure and access the data provided because of its importance for company operations. Ciphertex Data Security products mitigate data loss from external and internal attacks. Our rugged storage solutions and secure, tamper-evident transport case are ideal for shuttling data from oilfields to in-house data centers. Ciphertex NAS servers are specifically designed with multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized data access. They offer role-based access control, IP filtering/blocking, RAID protection, Disaster Recovery protocols all based on a protected AES 256-bit hardware based encryption foundation. Rigzone continues: Taking cues from industries such as the financial services sector, considered by some as the poster child for cybersecurity, Deskus said it’s good to determine how to bring that vein of thinking into the oil and gas industry. And while the industry transitions into that way of thinking, it’s people that keeps oil and gas leaders up at night in regards to security challenges.
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