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Ransomware: Cybersecurity’s Next Biggest Threat

What is Ransomware?

Malicious software that locks your data files and demands a ransom payment to access them.

ransomware attack Ransomware is a term for the many variations of malware that infect computer systems, typically by social engineering schemes. A cryptovirology attack encrypts critical files and systems, then renders them inaccessible to the owner. Ransomware sometimes marks the files for permanent deletion or publication on the internet. The perpetrators demand a payment (usually in untraceable cryptocurrency like Bitcoin) for the private key required to decrypt and access the files. Infamous ransomware examples include CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, Locky, Cerber, KeyRanger, SamSam, TeslaCrypt, TorrentLocker, and Reveton.

Who are Ransomware Perpetrators?

Cyber-criminals who profit by violating businesses that rely on data. 

cyber criminal Ransomware perpetrators are sophisticated, profit-hungry, cybercriminals on the lookout for unsuspecting SMBs to violate. Ransomware cybercriminals are also organized and profitable, earning 10-50 million dollars a month. Ransomware criminal teams often work out of office buildings, making the stealthy and disruptive pieces of malicious software, and designing deceptively simple schemes to infiltrate small to medium sized businesses. Recently, a Ransomware-as-a-Service organized cybercrime ring was discovered, which infected around 150,000 victims in 201 countries in July 2016; splitting profits 40% to malware authors and 60% to those who discover new targets. The overhead is low, the profits are high, the Bitcoin is anonymous, and the list of targets are endless.  

Could my business be a Ransomware victim?


ransomware on screen If data is important to your business, you are a target. To get in to your systems, they may send a phishing email to your staff. Because 94% of people can’t distinguish between a real email and a phishing email 100% of the time, they get in. And if they don’t, they try again until someone somewhere clicks the link.

Ciphertex 3 Layers of Protection

EDUCATION Good Security practices regarding emails, email attachments, and computers is the first step. Educate anyone with access to company emails, computers, or servers. ANTIVIRUS Quality Antivirus can stop 1000s of attacks per day, saving a system from a full-blown infection even if an employee clicks on a virus-containing link. TOTAL DATA PROTECTION A redundant data security solution that backs up and stores data in a secure location with snapshot technology, encryption, and replication.

Using Ciphertex 3-layered security system, even if  ransomware penetrates your defenses, you can recover the data in a ‘snapshot’. No ransom, no downtime, no problem.

    Ciphertex is a leading data security solutions provider and is trusted by organizations worldwide and in various industries. Ciphertex delivers powerful, secure and portable data storage systems using advanced hardware encryption. Ciphertex DAS and NAS systems offer unparalleled performance, security and reliability – seamlessly integrating hardware based AES 256-bit encryption with the latest in RAID storage technologies and smart chassis design. Designed-in flexible connectivity is guaranteed with each system able to support the leading storage interfaces and operating systems. Each multi-bay Ciphertex system also offers simplistic functionality and setup via its graphical user interface combined with a powerful data management software suite. Ciphertex NAS, DAS, and single drive storage devices are lightweight and portable in order to be accessible to people with disabilities. Ciphertex offers solution from 2TB into the Petabyte’s for large data centers. Tags: , , , , , ,

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