Tackle the capacity challenges of virtualization by provisioning storage as needed with Ciphertex Matrix SDS. Highly available Scale-Out block storage and reliable performance is designed for essential desktop and server virtualization needs. 

4 Petabytes of highly available storage is accessible via major protocols including NFS/CIFS when administrators treat the Ciphertex Matrix SDS as a grid of appliances within a single namespace. When nodes are taken offline the grid architecture ensures that your data storage is fully available through replica and erasure coding. Within a Ciphertex Matrix SDS solution, administrators can scale to more than 60 Petabytes to handle massive storage capacity needs.
Hybrid Storage and all flash storage allow a virtualization compatible environment that doesn’t compromise speed or reliability. Highly available configurations bolster data protection and business continuity and use SAS/Fibre Channel connection to ensure enterprise performance.
3rd Party Support
Ciphertex Matrix SDS is compatible with various virtualization machines. For a complete list of third party support, send us an email
Enterprise Capabilties
ZFS storage pools offer block and file storage via major protocols NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel so applications can handle a variety of data types. Our secure data storage solution features include data compression, snapshots, replication, thin provisioning, and encryption