34 Tech Firms Sign Accord Not to Assist Government Hacking Operations

Monday, August 6, 2018

Companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Cisco, GitHub, Arm, Cloudflare, LinkedIn, HP, Dell, SAP, Oracle, and VMWare have signed the agreement, titled the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, albeit some big names are notably missing, such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and Intel.

The accord wants to be the Digital Geneva Convention

The accord is the brainchild of Microsoft Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith, who's been talking for almost two years about the creation of a Digital Geneva Convention.

Smith has been advocating that governments should not target users and the private sectors as part of their cyber-attacks aimed at other countries. He's been pushing for the idea that tech companies should be more like the Red Cross, instead of pawns on the cyber-battleground.

Other executives have picked up Smith's train of thaught after seemingly government-backed ransomware outbreaks like WannaCry, NotPetya, and Bad Rabbit have caused billions in damages to the private sector in 2017.


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