Ciphertex utilizes Quantastor grid technology which enables businesses to maintain continuity through remote backup and disaster recovery (DR) either locally, across global data centers or via cloud technology.  Ciphertex frame by frame snapshots allow remote replication protocols to create a complete copy of the selected storage volumes and network shares from the primary to secondary DR site.

Disaster Recovery Policies
Ciphertex Matrix SDS gives administrators the ability to set policies to automated disaster recovery protection. Disaster recovery policies can include snapshots, remote replication, erasure coding, and RAID in concert to provide data protection in the event of disaster.
Multi-Directional Remote Replication
Any appliance can be the location for a disaster recovery (DR) site and files can be backup up locally (LAN) or over wide area networks (WAN) to wherever the DR site resides. Replication can occur to multiple appliances across data centers for the highest DR data protection.
Connected Data
Ciphertex Matrix SDS allows a single administrator to manage all of the appliances (local and remote) from one workstation. Pooling resources for easier management reduces cost, increase efficiency, and helps better regulate and maintain stringent disaster recovery policies.
Secure DR Data & Performance
Data replication and changes have minimal impact on network performance. Backups typically consist only of the deltas(changes) in the dataset to not affect the performance of the network. Additionally, data in transmission is compressed and encrypted (AES 256-bit) for maximum security and performance.
Snapshots are taken of the dataset at a particular point in time and transferred from the primary to the secondary DR site. Users can automate snapshot frequency and perform snapshots manually, data can then be recovered from any snapshot from the DR site.  

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