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Use Ciphertex Lightning Discovery For Many Times Faster Processing & Finding Critical Investigation Information While Maintaining The Chain of Custody And Data Integrity
With Ciphertex Secure Forensic Acquisition System Emerging from the forensic industry, Ciphertex understands the value of data and complies with standards for digital evidence to be admissible in a court of law


Fast Processing 10GbE NAS With iSCSI

Quickly search, tag, and review to find critical information to your investigation. Saving you time and money.

Secure (Encrypted) Data Acquisition

Ensure proper evidence collection and maintain the chain of custody. Our robust encryption engine fuels high speed processing for faster, secure acquisition.

Secure Networking & Investigation

Connect directly to the network for high speed searches or for a collaborative workflow to maximize business efficiency.

Portable Rugged, NAS

Our high capacity NAS is ideal for collecting and transporting digital evidence from any field environment to the forensics lab.


Ciphertex Data Security Forensic Investigation Workflow

The Growth In Forensics

The forensics industry has dramatically expanded over the past few years. As we enter a new digital age of computing, everything, from our phones to our cars, will be smart, leaving a visible trail at everywhere we go, on everything we touch, and with everything we do.

Digital forensics investigations will be done to see what the suspect was doing in the online, where the person's mobile devices were located and what he or she was doing on them and where the suspect's car had been. Digital fraud, computer terrorism and technological espionage are just some of the many facets of cyber-crime.

This massive increase in evidence data and new applications of digital forensics has inevitably created more challenges and opportunities. Ciphertex advanced and innovative solutions can securely and cost-effectively help overcome many of these challenges during investigations.

What Is E-Discovery?

With the rapid rate of change in technology and the endless growth in data consumption, it’s expected that the volume of data will only continue to grow in the future. The immense proliferation of ESI has changed the discovery and use of evidence in modern litigation.

Electronic discovery or e-Discovery, is the discovery of electronic content dealing with the exchange of information (electronically stored information or ESI) in civil litigation or government investigations. This typically requires identifying data spread across laptops, email servers, file servers, and other sources.







A critical part of any computer forensic investigation is ensuring proper evidence collection and maintenance of the chain of custody of the collected evidence. A chain of custody is the process of validating how any kind of evidence has been gathered, tracked and protected on its way to a court of law. Chain of custody is crucial for producing evidence admissible in court. 

Chain of Custody is a documentation that identifies all changes in the control, handling, possession, ownership, or custody of a piece of evidence

  • Who handled the evidence?
  • What procedures were performed on the evidence?
  • When was the evidence collected/transferred to another party?
  • Where was the evidence collected and stored?
  • How was the evidence collected and stored?
  • Why For what purpose was the evidence collected?



Our background and expertise in digital forensics has helped us to create a line of data storage devices that adhere to standards of evidence and legally admissible proof for criminal proceedings. Our award winning products deliver advanced solutions for handling images and data acquired during the investigation while maintaining Chain of Custody.


The portable design of Ciphertex products makes it simple and safe to transport digital evidence on and off-site. Your team can quickly collect and store data on the go. 


With a wide variety of easy-to-use features, Ciphertex RAID and NAS systems allow for data to be collected, searched, tagged and reviewed quickly and accurately with every person involved in the e-discovery process. Team members can confidently and seamlessly utilize the Ciphertex solutions to perform tasks.


Enjoy measurable cost and time savings with regards to human resources, processing and data storage reduction. Over a short period of time, an organization can realize an ROI of up to 286%. Our clients have recuperated the cost of Ciphertex systems in as little as 30 days.

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