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Touch-N-Go PC-less Installation

You can use the front panel LCD display to complete the first time installation in a few simple steps. Any Ciphertex NAS server will automatically complete the hard disk formatting and RAID building.

Network UPS Support

This feature allows multiple Ciphertex NAS servers on the same physical network to be protected by a single UPS via receiving UPS notification about abnormal power supply events.

Easy Setup and

Configuration Setting

Setting up local or remote access with a Ciphertex NAS server is effortless. The setup process has been simplified so that the majority is either automatic or can be completed by an installation wizard. The user friendly web GUI allows administrators to easily manage the NAS server.

DOM (DISK ON MODULE) Architecture and Fail-safe

Dual OS – Two operating systems are built on the DOM of the Ciphertex NAS server for system booting alternatively upon every system startup. When one fails, the other one will be used to boot up the Ciphertex NAS server, and the failed OS is recoverable from the other healthy OS.

Secure Access Control

Complete control of the Ciphertex NAS server is offered from user account to share folder access rights to determine who and what can be accessed. The Ciphertex NAS server offers a variety of security options such as encrypted access, IP filtering, policy-based automatic IP blocking, and more.

Advanced Folder Permissions

Allows Administrators to configure folder/subfolder access to the NAS server. With this feature enabled, Administrators can manage the folder permissions below the top level share from the web-based management interface easily.

Superior Performance and Energy-Saving Design

Ciphertex NAS servers deliver superior performance and high reliability for critical business applications. It is optimized to achieve low noise and low power consumption for environment protection.

Smart Fan

The fan rotation speed is automatically adjusted according to the Server and Disk Drive temperature. You can also define the system temperatures to trigger high speed or low speed fan rotation. By manually setting the fan rotation speed, the fan will rotate at the defined speed continuously.

Shared Folder Management

The IT administrator can select to hide or show selected shared folders of the NAS server on the network.


Wake on LAN

Enable this option to power on Ciphertex NAS servers remotely by Wake on LAN.

HDD Stand-by Mode

Save power consumption by enabling this option to make HDD enter stand-by mode if there is no access within the specified period.

Scheduled Power On/Off

You can create schedules to turn on, turn off, or restart the Ciphertex NAS server. Up to 15 schedules can bet set.

Windows Active Directory (AD) and LDAP Account Import

You can join the Ciphertex NAS server to your Windows AD domain or LDAP server in order to import the user accounts and groups to let users access the Ciphertex NAS server with the same login settings. The Ciphertex NAS server also supports setup of a large number of local of users and user groups.

Detailed System Information Display

View the system status, such as CPU usage, total memory, free memory, packets received, packets sent, error packets, system up time, CPU temperature, system temperature, hard disk drive temperature, and system fan speed.

Practical System and Authority Control Management Tools Instant SMS and Email Alert

You can configure the SMTP server and SMSC server settings on the Ciphertex NAS server in order to receive instant system warning or error messages by email and/or SMS.

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)

You can collect the information, warning or error of the Ciphertex NAS server and send to a maximum of 3 SNMP servers for centralized management and real-time monitoring. Comprehensive Event Log System creates detailed logs of file-level data access to the Ciphertex NAS server via SAMBA, iSCSI, FTP, AFP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, and SSH, and networking services accessed by online users can be recorded.

S.M.A.R.T. & Advanced HDD Health Scanning (HHS)

S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) helps you monitor the hard disk drives status. Moreover, Ciphertex NAS servers support HHS (HDD Health Scan) for disk checking and bad block scanning.

Syslog Sever Support

All the system event logs and connection logs can be saved to a remote Syslog server.

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