A critical enterprise SDS solution high availability prevents business continuity and helps meet data uptime requirements for certain industries, like healthcare.  High availability is essential to maintaining business productivity and prevents loss in sales, customers, and data accessibiltiy. Ciphertex Matrix SDS offers continual data access through power outage, system crashes, and appliance hardware failures.

All appliances that are made highly available have a secondary path to the disk storage, so in the event of failure. Data transmission re-routes to the secondary path automatically almost instanteously for minimal interruption.
Data Replication (Redundancy)
Through data replication, there is never a single point of failure because multiple copies of data can be dispersed across servers in a cluster. Redundant data through RAID and replication allows failures without compromising data for better reliability.
Easy Administrator Maintenance
An administrator can force failover to the secondary path, if a system requires an upgrade or maintenance, to prevent any downtime or loss in business productivity.  

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