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Protected While In Transit

Securely shuttle and edit your footage from location to the studio to the screen.


Assured quality construction, designed for mobility and protection of data in transit.

Built for 4K

Reach up to 20 Gbps of speed and handle graphic intensive tasks like editing 4K video and 3D rendering.


Secure your creativity with Ciphertex AES 256-bit encryption.

Trusted and Valued

Trusted by Paramount, Universal, Deluxe, and Warner Bros.

Creative Media & Entertainment Solutions

Secure your dailies with lightning fast transfers.


Evolution of Multimedia Production

Since the transition from film and tape to digital files, the need to securely transport content from production to post has taken precedence. The growth of digital content and the rise of media assets theft have created concerns over how to ensure total security of confidential digital footage. The way productions are shot, edited and delivered has greatly evolved, forcing storage technology to adapt in order to meet the demands.

Post Production

Larger image and video size requires new networked architecture for media applications. Ciphertex solutions deliver high performance and easy accessibility, enabling HD media applications from editing and distribution to content archiving. Post-Production editors can leverage the 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections available on Ciphertex products to improve workflow, and quickly access and share digital content. Ciphertex NAS and RAID storage systems are highly scalable, and easy to manage. Deploying Ciphertex solutions enables production studios to optimize workflow and meet tight deadlines and budgets.

Protect Your Creation

You just finished wrapping the shot that cost $500K to put together and the footage needs to be sent to post for editing, color correction, grading, special effects, audio, etc. It’s crucial to keep your footage from getting in the wrong hands to avoid a potential financial and PR disaster. Protect your creation with Ciphertex storage solutions to ensure your digital content remains yours during transportation from production to post.

Built for 4K

  •   Fast performance to meet deadlines and avoid costly delays, connections up to 1000 MB/s (10GbE).
  •   Digital content is protected when stored, accessed, and transported – especially for remote production offices around the world needing to send data back to studios/facilities.
  •   RAID 0/1/3/5/6/10 for performance or drive protection.
  •   Large storage capacities enable consolidation of working files.
  •   Direct transfer of raw camera footage, especially the large files of 4K and HFR productions.
  •   Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux environments.

What Ciphertex Product Is Right For Your Project?

  Single Drive NAS RANGER
(Secure RAID)
Rackmount Thunderbolt (MAC)
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 Short Film  
Feature Film    
Production House  
Film Studio  

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