New Hacker Groups Emerging in Asia and in the Middle East, finds Kaspersky

Monday, August 6, 2018
In its latest quarterly threat intelligence summary, security firm Kaspersky Lab reports the emergence of new groups of cyber-criminals based in Asia and in the Middle East who are also leveraging new techniques to launch attacks on targeted organisations.
These groups included some Chinese-speaking hackers who targeted government entities mainly in Malaysia and Taiwan, while also increasing their focus on targeted organisations based in the Philippines, Russia, and Mongolia. A couple of well-known examples of such groups were CardinalLizard and ShaggyPanther.
Kaspersky Lab researchers also observed several hacking operations carried out by such groups based not on financial, but political interests. For example, a Chinese-speaking hacker group named IronHusky APT, which used to exclusively target Russian military entities, suddenly shifted its attention to Mongolia and started targeting Mongolian government entities just before their meeting with the International Monetary Fund.
SC MEDIA,04.18.2018