The Department of Homeland Security has issued a medical advisory alert over a serious flaw in Medtronic cardio defibrillators. A vulnerability in the implanted products could allow attackers within close proximity of a patient to take control of a device.
The U.S. government can’t manage cybersecurity threats from Russia and China on its own and it needs private businesses to help, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Monday.
Sophisticated surveillance, once the domain of world powers, is increasingly available on the private market. Smaller countries are seizing on the tools — sometimes for darker purposes.
Norsk Hydro, one of the largest global aluminum manufacturers, has confirmed its operations have been disrupted by a ransomware attack.
Most year-end retrospectives dub each year as the “Year of the Data Breach,” with each year worse than the one before. But 2018 ended that trend and instead became the year data privacy dominated public discourse.
Business email compromises (BEC) accounted for 24% of the overall number of incidents reported to Beazley Breach Response (BBR) Services in 2018, compared to 13% in 2017, according to a new report published today by Beazley.
Ninth Annual Cost of Cybercrime Study -Tuesday, March 26, 2019
In an ever-changing digital landscape, it is vital to keep pace with the impact of cyber trends. We found that cyberattacks are changing
As organizations rush to adopt new digital channels, big data, advanced analytics, and emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing, they face new risks that may be difficult to quantify today.
Brand damage, loss of productivity, falling stock prices and more contribute to significant business impacts in the wake of a breach.
With markets uncertain, many onlookers might think a recession is on the way, whether that’s most CFOs in the world or voters in the United States.