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4-Bay SSD, Portable, Emended Encryption, Rugged NAS

4-Bay SSD, Portable, Emended Encryption, Rugged NAS

4-Bay SSD, Portable, Emended Encryption, Rugged NAS

The new CX-4KIS-NAS has been engineered to be rugged and withstand even the harshest of environments and workflows. The CX-4KIS-NAS has a small form factor and is lightweight and durable making it easy to carry, transport and ship with confidence. Trusted data security is key to any mass storage device, which is why the CX-4KIS-NAS includes fully verified AES-NI military-grade encryption. The CX-4KIS-NAS provides up to 30TB worth of storage via four Enterprise Class, hot-swappable SSD drives. Ciphertex will preconfigure the CX-4KIS-NAS in the Users preferred RAID setting and it supports RAID 0,1,5 and JBOD. The CX-4KIS-NAS combines high-performance, high-capacity, and secure data storage all within a small, lightweight, and rugged device.

Experience the Ciphertex Edge

The CX-4KIS-NAS data processing systems providing cost-effective storage solutions for demanding business tasks. Versatile, encrypted, all-in-one servers with a wide variety of applications to provide secure network storage, data migration, and backup/restoration of encrypted files. Increased productivity and efficiency for any demanding work environment. The CX-4KEX systems with hardware accelerated software encrypted engines and maximum external speeds protect sensitive, confidential business data to provide the most flexible all-around backup disaster and recovery solutions for both PC and MAC users


  • File sharing, backup, disaster recovery, and data security management
  • AES-NI hardware-accelerated encryption for efficient cryptographic performance with up to 224 MB/s
  • Run multiple Windows®, Linux®, UNIX® and AndroidTM based virtual machines with the Virtualization Station
  • Comprehensive surveillance solution with 24/7 security
  • Play 1080p videos with the HD Station via HDMI output
  • iSCSI initiator for expandable capacity
  • 4-Bay array Includes 4 x Enterprise Class SSD up to 30TB
  • Rugged, fan-less condition-cooling and dust-resistant
  • 3 year warranty with optional additional 2 years

(4) ENTERPRISE CLASS 7200RM SATA 6Gb/s HDD or (4) Enterprise Class SSD

2 x USB 2.0 Ports
2 x USB 3.0 Ports
1 x HDMI Port
2 x Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet Ports

22nm Intel Atom
Quad Core 1.91 GHz

17.3 dB (A)

4 GB DDR3 RAM (2 x 2GB) Expandable up to 8GB

Status/Power, USB, HDD 1-4

1, up to 1080p

Power, Reset

HDD sleep: 9.01W
In operation: 10.04W
S3 sleep: 0.82W

0 - 40 ̊C (32 ̊F ~ 104 ̊F)

Input: 5-95% RH

512 MB

Fan-less condition cooling design

Height: 2.32” (59 mm)
Width: 7.09” (180 mm)
Depth: 9.72” (247 mm)
Weight: 2.45 lbs

Ciphertex New OS Software

Ciphertex’s new Linux-based OS featuring ZFS has the ability to maintain the utmost data integrity. Not only does our OS inherit the amazing native features of ZFS, its powerful features ensure persistent, reliable storage management, protection against data corruption, seamless capacity expansion, several data integrity mechanisms, as well as pool and disk encryption protection.

  • Intuitive web-based management interface allows easy management from any machine, tablet, or smart phone with a web browser
  • NAS and iSCSI storage supporting VMware® and Microsoft® Hyper-V
  • Integrated AES-256 bit encryption for data security
  • Integrated Encryption Key Management supports multiple encryption key types, user-assigned passphrases up to 512 characters, and integration with any KIMP key server
  • Easy-to-upgrade firmware to take advantage of new features as they become available
  • Multi-factor authentication further protects against unauthorized access
  • Remote power-on and power-off
  • Built-in firewall and antivirus protection for exceptional security
  • Microsoft Active Directory integration for ease of management
  • Supports standard file sharing protocols such as Windows Shares and Unix NF
  • NIS integration for seamless Unix user environment
  • Automatic monitoring warns of impending hardware failure and performance degradation
  • Data deduplication and compression for increased capacity
  • Thin provisioning and partitioning for efficient data storage
  • Internal, high capacity AFS storage
  • Automatic healing of file systems
  • USB storage sharing and one button quick backup via the USB-C port 
  • Equivalent RAID levels: 0,1.5,6,7,10