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Class-Leading Throughput and IOPS w/Large Encrypted Tiered Storage

Class-Leading Throughput and IOPS w/Large Encrypted Tiered Storage

Supporting up to eight hot-swappable 3.5” HDDs, four SSDs, plus two more SSDs internally, the Ciphertex SecureNAS® CX-120KHSD-X is a fully-loaded, high-capacity, rugged, and reliable business NAS powered by an Intel® Xeon® D (4, 8, or 16 Core) processor. Built-in Intel® AES-NI provides integrated support for fast, low-overhead encryption that provides platform verification to enable strong security while also reducing performance impact for efficiently managing tiered data storage locally on a single SecureNAS® CX-120KHSD-X appliance. Designed to optimize enterprise IT infrastructure, the SecureNAS® CX-120KHSD-X comes with two PCIe slots that support 10GbE/40GbE NIC, PCIe SSD, as well as graphics cards. Incorporating security and scalability, the SecureNAS® CX-12KHSD-X presents an ideal choice for a complete business-ready storage solution with cross-platform file sharing, comprehensive backup and disaster recovery, iSCSI & virtualization, and many other business applications. The Ciphertex SecureNAS® CX-120KHSD-X’s rugged enclosure ensures military-grade durability. For additional security, this system also includes a FIPS-certified encryption key that can be used for locking and unlocking encrypted volumes. Fully ISO-certified, AS9100D with ISO 90001:2015.


  • Intel® Xeon® processor D-1518 4-Core, with (optional 8 and 16-Core expandability, featuring the latest 14nm energy-efficient SoC
  • Dual 10GbE expandability for highly-efficient virtualization and intensive data transmission
    LCD display for real-time information and easier system management
  • Compartmentalized smart cooling; detects CPU and hard drive temperatures to dynamically control fan speeds for quieter operation
  • New OS Software
  • Ciphertex technology and SSD caching enable 24/7 optimized storage efficiency
  • High-quality hardware enables optimum performance to fulfill diversified applications
  • Hardware accelerated AES-256 bit encryption
  • Supports four DDR4 memory modules for a maximum of 128GB RAM
  • One built-in M.2 SATA 6GB/s slot to provide the greatest flexibility in tiered storage configuration with native high speeds that empower SSD caching
  • Centralized management solution for networked computing devices
  • Supports centralized storage, backup, sharing, and disaster recovery
  • Optional 5 year warranty (3 years included)

Intel® Xeon Processor D-1518 Socket FCBGA 1667 supported CPU TDP support 35W

4 Cores (upgradable to 8 and 16 Cores), 8 Threads /6MB Cache

Up to 128GB Unbuffered ECC/non-ECC UDIMM, DDR4- 2133MHz, in 4 DIMM slots

2133/1866/1600MHz ECC DDR4 ECC RDIMM and ECC/Non-ECC UDIMM

4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB


Corrects single-bit errors Detects double-bit errors (using ECC memory)

M.2 Interface: 1 SATA/PCI-E 3.0 x4

Broadcom 2116 SW controller for 16 SATA3 (6Gpbs) ports; SAS2 and SATA3

Support for Intelligent Platform Management Interface v.2.0 IPMI 2.0 with virtual media over LAN and KVM- over-LAN support

Dual LAN with 10G SFP+ from D-1500 SoC; Dual LAN with 1GbE w/Intel® I210

Aspeed AST2400 BMC

Status/Power, USB, LAN

Power, Reset, Copy

0 - 60 ̊C (32 ̊F ~ 140 ̊F)

1 x 12cm (12V DC)

20.5 lbs (w/o drives)

Height: 9.8” (248.92 mm) Width: 11.25” (285.75 mm) Depth: 9.75” (247.65 mm)

The New Ciphertex Operating System Software

The new Ciphertex Linux-based OS featuring ZFS has the ability to maintain the utmost data integrity. Not only does our OS inherit the amazing native features of ZFS, but also its powerful features ensure persistent, reliable storage management, protection against data corruption, seamless capacity expansion, several data integrity mechanisms, as well as pool and disk encryption protection.

  • Intuitive web-based management interface allows easy management from any machine, tablet, or smart phone with a web browser
  • NAS and iSCSI storage supporting VMware® and Microsoft® Hyper-V
  • Integrated AES-256 bit encryption for data security
  • Integrated Encryption Key Management supports multiple encryption key types, user-assigned passphrases up to 512 characters, and integration with any KIMP key server
  • Easy-to-upgrade firmware to take advantage of new features as they become available
  • Multi-factor authentication further protects against unauthorized access
  • Remote power-on and power-off
  • Built-in firewall and antivirus protection for exceptional security
  • Microsoft Active Directory integration for ease of management
  • Supports standard file sharing protocols such as Windows Shares and Unix NF
  • NIS integration for seamless Unix user environment
  • Automatic monitoring warns of impending hardware failure and performance degradation
  • Data deduplication and compression for increased capacity
  • Thin provisioning and partitioning for efficient data storage
  • Internal, high capacity AFS storage
  • Automatic healing of file systems
  • USB storage sharing and one button quick backup via the USB-C port 
  • Equivalent RAID levels: 0,1.5,6,7,10

With 100+ Enterprise Software features built-in to every Ciphertex® SecureNAS® system, it’s hard to keep track!

Here is a breakdown of the most commonly used features of the Ciphertex® SecureNAS®.


Provides an overview of the current SecureNAS® details and system usage as well as user-friendly graphs for viewing system utilization history.

Remote Access
All remote access of the machine is done through our web interface. The SecureNAS® web interface is based on modern web design principles to provide an intuitive GUI so that users of any skill level will find it easily accessible.


Encryption Key Management
SecureNAS® provides 3 methods of encryption key management.

  1. Ciphertex Protect® Encryption Key – The FIPPS certified Ciphertex Protect Key provides secure encrypted storage of the encryption keys. Encrypted user data cannot be access cannot be accessed unless the Ciphertex Protect Key is unlocked and plugged into the SecureNAS.
  2. Key Server – SecureNAS supports centralized storage andmanagement of encryption keys on any key server supporting KMIP.
  3. Passphrase – User supplied passphrase up to 256 characters. Rsync

Data At Rest Encryption
Your data is protected with the use of U.S. Government approved AES technology so that it cannot be accessed by unauthorized users even if the hard drive were stolen.

If malicious files are found, your SecureNAS® is protected with scheduled virus scans with free virus definition updates.

Data Transfer Encryption

SecureNAS® uses SSL certificates for enabling services to prevent loss of important data.
such as HTTPS and FTPS for supporting RSA-2048 encrypted
communication that protects sensitive data being sent over a network.

A preconfigured firewall allows total lockdown of the SecureNAS® by restricting network access to only SecureNAS® services.

Certificate Management
SecureNAS® can generate a unique SSL certificate to use
but uses a neat algorithm that detects only the changed parts of files
or you may upload your own.

With the latest edition of ZFS with integrated encryption the SecureNAS® provides a simplified way of managing filesystems with background data redundancy management and varying levels of compression. Using a Ciphertex Protect® Encryption Key, password, or locally managed encryption key, you can enable multiple methods of encryption to protect your data drives.

ZFS eliminates the user maintenance tasks that traditional RAID systems require. It is self-healing and highly resistant to data loss as opposed to standard RAID systems. ZFS advanced architecture also provides better performance than other filesystems.

Data Deduplication
ZFS provides a highly optimized version of block based data deduplication to reduce storage space used all while limiting the impact of drive read and write speeds.

Share filesystems over the network that can be accessed with an FTP client of your preference.

Network sharing of filesystems with security options available on a per user basis. SMB/CIFS supports both Windows with Active Directory authentication and Linux OSs.

Provides the ability to quickly setup share filesystems to Windows.

LTFS Phoenix
Store data in an industry standard format on LTO tape for easy sharing of data with other organizations.

iSCSI Target
Reserve a section SecureNAS® storage for network clients to access as a local drive that can be secured with CHAP authentication. This allows sharing of centrally managed storage without the need of installing physical drives on multiple machines.

Portable USB
Allows you to centrally share the USB drive over the local network.


Built in Administrator

SecureNAS® uses an undeletable administrator account, ensuring you always have a way to log into your machine.

Local Users & Groups
Create accounts and groups for controlling individual user access to functionality and data on the SecureNAS®.


Customize the IP address, DNS settings, but uses a neat algorithm that detects only the changed parts of files and MTU for each network interface.

Configure up to 3 DNS addresses and a DNS search path.

Combine network interfaces to increase upload and download speeds.

Create routes for individual network interfaces and assign their priority for optimizing routing.

Add custom host entries so hostnames can be resolved without using a DNS.


Status Logs
View user and system logs to monitor the health and activities of your SecureNAS®.

Receive system notifications by automatically sending them to prevent loss of important data. to email addresses of your choice.

Monitoring of individual drive health to inform you to back up your drive before it becomes unrecoverable.

Status information is conveniently displayed to prevent loss of important data. on the front panel LCD.

Displays the current health of the components inside of the SecureNAS® and automatically notifies you if an anomaly is detected.


Remotely save system configurations so they can be restored on the same device or another SecureNAS®. System updates are done remotely through the web interface so physical interaction is not required.

Backup & Restore
Create backup schedules that can be saved to local drives, LTO tape, and industry standard cloud services. These backups are used to restore your user data.

Backup & Sync
Provides centrally managed backup and restore capabilities of computers  on your network to the SecureNAS®. 

Create snapshots that can be used to restore your data on a SecureNAS® to a previous point in time.


Synchronize your SecureNAS® with NTP server to automatically to prevent loss of important data. update system over time.

Performance Profile
With the SecureNAS® hardware capabilities (multicore CPU, large memory, fast disk IO, fast network IO), you can tune the performance to meet your needs.

SecureNAS® can integrate with ADS for providing user and group authentication for SMB/CIFS shares.

Oracle VirtualBox
SecureNAS® supports creating virtual machines so you have a virtual environment to run your own applications in that utilize the high performance of your SecureNAS®.