Raid And Volume Management

Raid And Volume Management

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Advanced RAID Management with Hot-swap Design

NAS servers offer RAID 0, 1, 5, 5 + hot spare, 6, 6 + hot spare, single drive, and JBOD disk configurations. It also supports a hot-swap design such that a failed member drive of a RAID configuration (RAID 1 or above only) can be replaced by hot swapping without turning off the server.

Encrypted RAID Expansion

Ciphertex NAS servers are well suited for environments requiring extra protection for stored data. For situations requiring maximum data security, a Ciphertex external RAID system with Hardware AES 256-bit encryption can by connected to the Ciphertex NAS server providing complete security of the stored data. It allows Data from the Ciphertex NAS server to be transferred to or from the external encrypted RAID, and then removed to be connected elsewhere. The Hardware encryption provides superior security with no loss of performance when connected through the Ciphertex NAS server.

AES 256-bit Volume-based Data Encryption

A Ciphertex NAS server volume configured with AES 256-bit encryption can only be accessed by an authorized encryption password or key. This prevents Ciphertex NAS server data from unauthorized access and data breach even if the hard disk drives were stolen. *The data encryption functions may not be available in accordance to the legislative restrictions of some countries.


Share Volume Expansion

The storage capacity for the Ciphertex NAS server can be expanded by attaching an external storage device like the Ciphertex RAID which will become a new shared volume.

Online RAID Level Migration

You can upgrade the disk configuration to higher RAID level with the data retained without turning off the server.

Volume Bitmap Support

Reduces the time required to rebuild failed RAID volumes by maintaining a log of used and unused storage locations.

Global Hot Spare

The Global Hot Spare feature allows the administrator to share spare drives with multiple RAID volumes on the NAS server. When a hard drive fails in any RAID volume, the global hot-spare drive will   automatically replace the data on the failed drive to prevent loss. Compared with a local spare drive, the Global Hot Spare function offers more efficient use of spare drives.

Storage Expansion by Virtual Disk Drive (VDD)

Ciphertex NAS servers support flexible storage expansion by connecting to other iSCSI target storage devices on the network via its built-in iSCSI initiator. The connected iSCSI targets are turned into “virtual disk drives” of the Ciphertex NAS server to provide more storage capacity.

Online RAID Capacity Expansion

The storage capacity for the Ciphertex NAS server can be expanded by replacing the hard disks with larger drives. All the data will be kept and seamlessly moved to the newly installed hard drives without turning off the server.