Secure Data Migration

We are the pioneers of secure data migration

There are limited solutions to enable the rapid transit of big data, but none compare to the Ciphertex solution.

Secure Data Shuttle

Easily Shippable — Our portable, lightweight solutions are ideal for sharing large data sets faster than cloud transfer.

Military Certified Transport Cases

Protecting against humidity, vibration, drop, shock and it’s waterproof.

Quality Performance

Tested for fast and reliable transfer for efficient and effective data migration.

Trusted Encryption

AES 256-bit encryption, for those who value their data above all else.

The Ciphertex Solution

Securely transport 120TB between locations in less than 36 hours.

Why Choose Secure Data Transport rather than the Cloud?

The short answer: Do you have years to wait?


A single 1TB of data over a standard T1 connection (standard home high-speed connection) will take over two and a half months (80+ days) to transfer data over the internet to the cloud, using 80% of available bandwidth.


When file sizes start approaching 1TB and above for standard high-speed lines, or above 25TB for corporate high-speed lines, it makes more sense to move the data via secure data transport to get the job done in 3-to-5 days (including time spent with shipping carrier), instead of over the internet/cloud which will can take weeks, months, or in some cases, years.

Better Security

Web data cloud transfer leaves data vulnerable to hacks, cyber theft, and viruses during the transfer process or simply by an unauthorized user logging into your cloud account to easily steal your data.


Cloud storage can charge upload fees as well as download fees, in addition to the monthly storage fees. Additionally, paying for the bandwidth for very large files can be very costly.

Over-The-Internet Data Transfers

Data Size


Connection Type

Business Type

How Many Days

10 TB


T1 (1.54 Mbps)

Home/Small Business

800+ Days

100 TB


T3 (44.74 Mbps)

Business Line

250+ Days

100 TB


100 Mbps


100+ Days

100 TB


1 Gbps

Big Corporation

14+ Days

Ciphertex Solution

Data Size


Connection Type

Business Type

How Many Days

100 TB


10 GbE


3-to-5 Days

Securing data in transit

Data loss and theft threats are at its greatest during transport. In order to minimize risks, encryption and rugged construction are critical.

Ciphertex solutions are designed with the highest level of encryption, a tough rugged chassis, and a hard transportation case to ensure your data makes it from point A to point B, without interception.

Tested to operate in extreme temperatures and conditions, and resistant to shock, vibration and harsh environments, our products will provide you with peace of mind that your sensitive information is securely stored and transported.

Mobile Design

Ciphertex products are compact to reduce space and weight, ensuring portability. They are also ruggedized to meet the most mission-critical demands in the harshest environmental conditions.

Ciphertex solutions utilize heavy-duty aluminum chassis, designed to withstand extreme conditions, and secure carry handles to ensure ease of transportation.

Secure Transport Case

Ciphertex Data Security’s secure transport case are environmentally certified by a military certified test laboratory. Our transport cases are tested and approved for vibration, drop, shock, humidity, pressure, and they are waterproof.

For an additional layer of protection, our transport cases are shipped with tamper evident seals with an option of combination tamper evident locks.

Our cases are customized designed with extremely durable military-grade foam that last for 15 years. With strong polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings, our transport cases are a best practice for protecting your data on the go.

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