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Ciphertex Clients Won’t Settle For Anything Less Than 100% Secure Data Transfers

CIPHERTEX DATA SECURITY PRODUCTS have been proven, time and time again, to increase productivity and minimize threats to company data for our most discriminating clients and when clients like these trust their data to Ciphertex, you will too.

CIPHERTEX PRODUCTS are known for utilizing forefront encryption methods, while maximizing read/write performance.

CIPHERTEX DATA SECURITY CREATES CIPHERTEX DATA SECURITY SOLUTIONS. From concept-to-design, from engineering to manufacturing, from our facility to yours, our end-to-end process ensures quality at every step.

CIPHERTEX ENGINEERING The Ciphertex Data Security End-To-End Solution includes engineering our products to maintain full control of manufacturing process.

CIPHERTEX DESIGN All of Ciphertex products are innovatively designed for market needs in house.

CIPHERTEX DATA SOLUTIONS  Enabling our clients to succeed with our all-in-one portable, encrypted, high-performance, high-capacity, storage systems.

CIPHERTEX SOFTWARE Allows for encryption acceleration as fast as non-encryption competitors.

CIPHERTEX BIG DATA TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS  Provides our clients with the ability to transport large data sets between data centers 5-to-20 times faster than the cloud.

CIPHERTEX ASSURANCE Be assured that your data is secure and safe. It generally costs 10X more to recover from a data after a loss than to protect it, and Ciphertex Data Security is the best protection money can buy.

CIPHERTEX CUSTOM SOLUTIONS When it doesn’t exist, Ciphertex will custom concept, design, engineer and build it for your specific and special need as our wide range of solutions will allow you to better store, manage, and deliver your data without compromising on security, scalability, speed, and portability.

CIPHERTEX ACCESSIBILITY SOLUTIONSCiphertex lightweight and portable product design is an ideal storage construction for people with disabilities.

AES-256 bit hardware based encryption that is designed for optimum performance, and trusted by organizations that require the most advanced encryption technology.


Our processor technology accelerates and strengthens encryption/decryption for robust, protected technology. Unique to Ciphertex, our hardware encryption experiences virtually zero performance delays while encrypting your data, providing peace-of-mind security and maximum performance at once.


Uniquely rugged and portable, our products are environmentally tested for versatile environments. The durable chassis can withstand a myriad of high-stress environments, including depressurization and vibration, our products will go wherever you need them to go.


Redundancy for optimum performance and protection, and customized to the RAID level of your choice.


  • Single-drive – Connectivity of one computer to a single external drive via USB 3.0
  • RAID Ranger – Connectivity of one computer to multiple drives via USB 3.0, eSATA
  • RAID Thunderbolt – Connectivity of one computer to multiple external drives using Thunderbolt 2 technology.
  • Portable NAS Server – Connectivity of a network of computers to multiple drives using 1Gb/e or 10 Gb/e
  • Rackmount Server - High-density network storage, now available with the performance of NVMe SSD drives. Comes with Ciphertex SDS software


Data Storage Systems allow multiple drives to be combined into shared-storage. There are two main categories of Data Storage Systems:


Single-system DAS products allow drives to connect to a single computer via USB, eSATA, SAS, or Thunderbolt connection. Our external drives and portable Ranger RAID systems (excluding Thunderbolt and Ranger SAS) come with hardware AES 256-bit Encryption via USB Encryption tokens.


NAS systems allow multiple computers access to the same shared-storage over an Ethernet or wireless network connection by attaching the NAS to a router via the standard RJ-45 Ethernet connection (1 Gb/e, 10Gb/e).
Since multiple users from multiple computers can access the stored data at once, NAS servers provide a simple and relatively inexpensive way to add more storage to your network. And easy deployment with multiple file systems makes NAS servers a popular storage solution for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, are NAS servers employ 10 Gbe, for high link speed with a low latency. 10 Gbe brings faster performance, simplified data transport, and unified workflows.  


Our rackmount server are available with NVMe technology, which removes the legacy bottleneck of SATA and SAS drive protocols.  NVMe connects the SSD directly to the server's bus allowing for exceptionally high IOPs and many times the data throughput of legacy technologies.


  • Delegate well-defined roles and responsibilities to ensure accountability
  • Train back-up operators
  • Establish offsite and onsite storage locations
  • Create detailed documentation for orderly and efficient data backup and restoration.
  • Test restoration of backup data regularly
  • Disaster recovery and contingency planning


Disk failures are an unfortunate reality. In addition to buying high-performance enterprise class drives, you can initiate Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) protection for your sensitive data to avoid data loss. RAID is a storage technology that combines multiple disk drive components into a logical unit. Data is distributed across the drives in one of several ways called "RAID levels", depending on the level of redundancy and performance required. All Ciphertex multi-drive units come preformatted to a RAID set up of your choice.

  • RAID 0: Data is “striped” across all drives, as if they were one large drive, for speed, without backup.
  • RAID 1: Data is written identically to at least two drives, thereby producing a "mirrored set" (1) drive from a set can fail while continuing to operate (Requires even # of drives)
  • RAID 5: Data is striped and parity information (Redundant data used to recover lost data) is striped. Any (1) drive can fail and the data for that drive will be on the other drives.
  • RAID 6: Similar to Raid 5, but data is striped and (2) drives worth of parity information are striped. Any (2) Drives can fail and continue to operate.
  • RAID 10: Data is striped (for speed) and mirrored (for redundancy) across all drives (1) Drive from a set can fail while continuing to operate, meaning up to 5 drives could fail as long as they aren't part of a mirrored-pair (Requires even # of drives). Raid 10 is the most secure portable RAID available, and can be as fast as RAID 0 as long as RAID 10 has 2X the drives to a comparable RAID 0 set up.


Thunderbolt™ is the input/output technology that enables fast transfer speeds and extends that speed across several devices at the same time. Thunderbolt carries both data and display signals over a single cable while simultaneously providing 10 watts of power to peripherals. Introduced in early 2011, the interface was a collaboration between Intel and Apple. The Thunderbolt was originally a Mac exclusive, however PC manufacturers are starting to adopt this technology.