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Partnering with Ciphertex

Securing data is a huge and ever-changing responsibility. It takes an “electronic village” of people, companies, and technologies to tackle this issue.

“Data Security’ as a concept encompasses a wide array of software and hardware products, internal and external behavioral protocols, and cloud/enterprise/local technologies. While Ciphertex is the premiere manufacturer of data security endpoint hardware products, a truly secure environment requires the collaboration of many innovators in this space.

Towards this goal of establishing a “data security ecosystem”, Ciphertex is pleased to join with a group of independent but interrelated companies who share the same interests in helping the world become more secure as the creation of digital content explodes.

Open Innovation

The basis of our initiative is informed by the concepts of the “Open Innovation” movement, first expressed in 2003 by Dr. Henry Chesbrough, Executive Director of the Center for Open Innovation at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. The Open Innovation Community is supported at their website

Open Innovation applies the principles of free trade to innovation, advancing new ideas through the use of tools such as partnerships, joint ventures, licensing and strategic alliances. By reaching beyond corporate borders, companies can import lower-cost, higher-quality ideas from a wide array of world-class experts to improve the speed, quality and cost of innovation.

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